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Burns' Report

Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to another newsletter from the Burns family and Hidden Manna Ministries. Much has happened since our last newsletter, but we’ll quickly catch you up on the news.

Back in October of 2002, the spirit of the Lord dealt with me to make a trip with Linda to — Las Vegas, Nevada! Seems odd doesn’t it, that God would send us on a trip to that city. So we drove to the city and the next morning as we were driving to get breakfast, the Lord spoke to me to move to Las Vegas!Wow! What a breathtaking statement. It sure didn’t look like a lifelong Christian would be sent there, but Paul was sent to the sinful city of Corinth just the same. Linda & I returned to Florida and made the announcement that Hidden Manna Ministries would close the training center we had used for 11 years and move the corporate offices to Las Vegas, Nevada! Of course, it caused a buzz among people as some had not prepared themselves to work with our ministry and of course would choose to stay there. Some were undecided and yet others had been trained properly and wanted to use their talents as God had qualified them. In the middle of these, Linda & I quietly began to get packed so we could go West.The Burns family, since 1928, has always looked forward to obeying what the Spirit has to offer them. 

It is amazing that some who had the opportunity to train and be prepared for the next step in God could just let time and the cares of this world overtake them and choke out what God had done for them in the Word and the Spirit. This does not surprise Linda & I for it is the Spirit of America and the logic of hidden agendas. We have confronted this for the last 30-45 years as we see so many US citizens seek their own good instead of working to edify the Kingdom of God. We still count it a privilege to lay down our lives for the Lord Jesus Christ.

So we presented the facts: 
1. We are moving the ministry to Las Vegas, Nevada.
2. If God tells you to go, you’ll have to provide the necessary things for that: Rental truck, driving there, apartment or housing when you arrive.
3. If God tells you, you’ll be talked about by so called Christians and sinners alike.
4. We’ll go to set up the ministry, plus we will plant a local church in Las Vegas.

Some decided to stay in Florida, some decided to move to Las Vegas. It was very interesting. I personally drove across the United States with 4 truck loads of household goods, and ministry equipment. Stephen, our son, came first with 3 other brethren as they all stayed together and got themselves jobs so there would be no drop in living standards. Then, I brought out Elizabeth and Rebecca and the last trip was Linda & I. It was refreshing to be headed West and to leave Florida and the East Coast attitudes of red tape and bureaucracy. How exciting the West has always been to Linda and I, and we’re glad to be living in the Great Southwest!.

We have been here since March or April of 2003 and God has done wonderful things. The people that came here, got settled in and also found jobs and supported us in our endeavor here. They receive a lot of credit for doing this as unto the Lord and His Kingdom. We took our time looking for a meeting place and began having services. Then an interesting door was opened to us: Christian Talk Radio! Linda and I have never done but a little of this, so it was a new venture!

We felt the Lord wanted us to have a program, so we went to a local station for a 15 minute program, but God gave us favor with the General Manager who really loves God, so we were in — not for 15 minutes on one day, but 4 days a week for 1 hour each day - Monday through Thursday, plus a rerun of one of the tapes for free on Saturday morning.

Now, remember this is a Christian Talk Radio program live with Linda & I going to the studio 4 days a week from 4p.m. to 5p.m. We both comment and then we receive telephone calls so we are having a lot of fun. The Lord told me to name the program, “Advanced Christianity”, so it has attracted many callers plus these people are coming to visit us at our new church. We have had the Lord add new people to us as they say, “ there’s nothing like this in Las Vegas.” However, many of these are Real Christians and have heard the anointed word preached and have seen the Spirit move before. So we are bringing something to this city of 2,000,000 people that has not been present for many years. 

To make this even more beautiful is this wonderful fact: The Lord gave us a prophecy about 20 years or so ago in which God instructed us that there would be a door, a gate, a city, seven cities, fourteen cities, and then the world. We have been through the door and the gate for the first time in our lives we are in a real city! So knowing that the first have come to pass excites us for the future to also come to pass in Him. So we’re right on schedule as far as the Lord’s timing goes.

Here’s something new with us and you might be interested also. A friend of ours in the Lord many years ago encouraged us to tape everything we taught about because it would be beneficial to the body of Christ. Much of this the people had never heard. Well, we can finally offer something that we feel would help the Christian who is not being fed, who is thirsty for more of God, and who wants to advance past where they are now. Our 1 hour radio program was taped each day Monday through Thursday and we will now offer them to the Body of Christ. 

We will not sell them but if you desire them, and they are unedited, send us an offering for the ministry of at least $25.00 for 4 tapes and we’ll both benefit. Unedited means nothing has been changed on the tape, it is just as we recorded them. Make your checks or money orders to; Hidden Manna Ministries.

“The Family”
Our children moved with us to Las Vegas also. Elizabeth and Rebecca are in business for themselves and Stephen drives a truck into California and Arizona. Linda and I are doing fine and preparing for meetings in different cities here in the US. Lord Bless you.


Dr. Joe, Linda Burns
and family

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